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Предлагаем Вам обзор топ-5 видеорегистратора от фирмы XIAOMI, выбирайте тот который вам по душе!

№1. Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam Midrive D01 - http://ali2.ru/as183z9Qu

№2. Xiaomi MiJia Car Driving Recorder Camera - http://ali2.ru/as13xQLCI

№3. Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam Pro Midrive D02 - http://ali2.ru/as1YWNySh

№4. Xiaomi Mijia Driving Recorder 1S - http://ali2.ru/as1x1RsIA

№5. Xiaomi Smart Rearview Mirror - http://ali2.ru/as1utsacP

№1. Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam Midrive D01 - http://slmrt.ru/a6Kc...

№2. Xiaomi MiJia Car Driving Recorder Camera - http://slmrt.ru/a7Kc...

№3. Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam Pro Midrive D02

№4. Xiaomi Mijia Driving Recorder 1S - http://slmrt.ru/a8Kc...

№5. Xiaomi Smart Rearview Mirror -

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Hello, you're on the channel AVA! Today in our review, TOP 5 BEST DVRS XIAOMI BEST DVR. In recent years, DVRs xiaomi firms enjoy a huge popular by whole world. This is justified. On the one hand, large the company offers rich range of quality models - here everyone the buyer can easily find device, suits its functionality. On the other - the cost of DVRs relatively low, which makes them even more attractive even for the most economical users'. But because large assortment products do not always happen It's easy determine which one models should be preferred. Therefore, we will select the best! And we begin. No. 1. Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam Midrive D01. Users who.

Interested in quality, but the budget DVR, definitely like this model. At a relatively low costs it has excellent characteristics. Start at least from the viewing angle at 130 degrees diagonals-hardly something can not get into the frame. Video is recorded from speed 30 frames per second with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. Many users like the presence of a built-in battery with a capacity of 240 mAh. Permanently this charge is not enough, but also its presence will be very useful, as it will allow the device works when car muffled. Internal battery allows the DVR to start, if parked car someone is going to hit. Connection capability to Wi-Fi networks significantly simplifies the copy process video from devices on laptops and computers. Naturally, there's a shock sensor., thanks to which DVR automatically turns on in the event of an accident. A date entry both time make the video reliable evidence in court. No wonder this one video recorder from Xiaomi is in great demand. Dignities: affordable price; small size; convenience in use; high quality video; ability to manage via Wi-Fi app. Disadvantages: you can not adjust the mount horizontally. No. 2. Xiaomi MiJia Car Driving Recorder Camera. This model represents.

A good combination prices and quality. If not most high cost (3000-4000 rubles) she has excellent characteristics. Tanks internal battery in 240 mAh enough for a few recording minutes when disabled car engine. Glass the lenses will not be scratched and will not fade with time, that significantly increase the service life of the device. A pleasant plus will be high angle 160-degree field of view. The sound is recorded and reproduced thanks to integrated microphone and dynamics. Besides, this video recorder from Xiaomi provides excellent picture – can be called excellent indicator. A built-in display with a diagonal of 3 inches does work with Xiaomi MiJia Car Driving greatly more simple and comfortable. Finally, this DVR still quite compact - weighs 90 grams when dimensions 88х53х18 millimeters. Dignities: glass lens; high-quality picture; internal battery; excellent viewing angles; practicality and reliability in work; there is a possibility of switching off screen's; great price combination – scope; large, comfortable screen. Disadvantages: mediocre quality night snapshot; no Russian firmware. No. 3. Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam Pro Midrive D02. If not the best DVR.

From Xiaomi, then one of those is this model. She records video in very high resolution – 2560x1600.

Pixels, which is one of the best performance to date day. It also boasts quite large angle of view – 140 degrees. Dimensions are very small – 88х53х18 mm. So this.

The popular model will not attract too much attention and distract from the road. Screen not too much – just 2 inches. But the resolution very good-320x240 pixels'. Many users consider, for a good car the choice will be this model due to battery increased capacity-500 mAh. Because of this, he can to work for a long time completely Autonomous. Naturally, there is a G-sensor, which will allow you to shoot the offender, if it crashes into a parked car. G-sensor or impact sensor automatically start DVR when strong push, allowing it is easy to find the culprit of the accident. In addition, the model works with memory cards capacity up to 64 gigabytes-very good indicator. So she well deserves it, to include it in our TOP dashboard camera. Dignities: very high resolution; ability to work with large memory cards volume's; qualitatively removes at poor lighting; excellent quality of shooting in the daytime; large battery capacity. Disadvantages: have to Russify independently. No. 4. Xiaomi Mijia Driving Recorder 1S. Don't know which is better to buy.

DVR? Look attentively to this model. She features low weight - only 90 grams. Yes and dimensions quite small, that, judging by across reviews, is for many buyers important advantages. And it does not interfere him a great deal with main function. By 140 degree viewing angle across diagonal and resolution pictures 1920x1080 pixels the device is guaranteed take picture everything important-not a single detail won't escape his notice. There are also built-in speaker and microphone. Therefore, all that is said in inside the car and nearby will be recorded, and if necessary – reproduced. So, this reliable DVR for sure not fail. Dignities: convenient 3 inch screen; affordable price; great picture quality; excellent performance; Disadvantages: 0:07:12.639,0:07:13.889 not too comfortable bracket. No. 5. Xiaomi Smart Rearview Mirror. You need a DVR.

With radar detector in the form of rear view mirrors? Then not let this device through. Judging by the reviews of car owners, the device does not disappoint even the most picky users. No wonder-the device has built-in modules GLONASS and GPS, which significantly improves functionality devices. And the angle in 160 degrees will pleasantly surprise experienced buyer. Record is conducted in permission up to up to Full HD at 30 frames per second. Works not only with Wi-Fi, but also with 3G, which allows use cloud storage. In addition, can catch FM radio. Diagonal is almost 9 inches. So that, can be with certainty say-this is the best DVR by the functionality of the in the rating. Dignities: built-in radar detector; comfortable rear mirror view's; fast processor; a wide range of operating temperatures'; Android firmware; 16 GB of internal memory; wide functionality; touch control; great review. Disadvantages: does not shoot in 4K; relatively high cost. What is DVR Xiaomi better buy.

This is our review of DVRs xiaomi company is coming to an end. In it we considered five indeed successful models, among which every reader It's easy find the one that will suit it in all respects. Mainly when buying keep in mind that not all devices Russified and after shopping will have to bother with firmware search or russifiers'. We hope you enjoyed it, and you will appreciate this video, clicking on the "like" button. sign the AVA channel. It was a review, TOP 5 BEST DVRS XIAOMI Thanks to all who watched video until the end, All until meetings!!!

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