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Living in Redmond, WA

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Hear from some locals as we explore the area and learn about what the Redmond area has to offer in this edition of City Skinny!

Video by Broken Bench Productions www.brokenbenchproductions.com

Video by Broken Bench Productions


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My name is dr. Eric Scoggins I am vice-president manager for banner bank I also serve as the current president of the board for one Redmond our economic development organization here on the east side I absolutely love Redmond I'm a transplant into the Redmond community and I have found home my name is Paul Armour and I moved to Redmond 20 years ago I opened this business about 10 years ago families are welcome here we do have a bar section that just for adults we're also a great restaurant couldn't be happier with the appreciation that this town is provided for investment in real estate as well as just the growth of the business and no ties together for success the people in Redmond are very health conscious very outside activity parks and trails and hiking we've got the Sammamish River Trail that runs all the way into downtown Seattle we're very closely located to ski resorts and outdoor water activities massive soccer fields baseball fields people love to come together and enjoy those things Redmon is home to Lake Washington School District and it is a leader amongst school districts in the nation like Washington School District is one of the best in the country commonly recognized for innovation and creativity and attention to detail and care and concern for the students I always notice out of the top 1,000 high schools in America that ribbon high school here is always in the top 500 just a very very good place for you to raise a young student and really invest in those minds that are going to be our future leaders of tomorrow Microsoft is home based here in Redmond and they play such a major role in the overall economy and culture they're very invested in the community and making this not only a great place for their employees to work but a great place for their employees to live that philosophy spills over into all businesses and the residents that live and work in Redmond Microsoft is a wonderful partner and great to have in the city we've got virtually every aspect of cuisine bar-type shopping I mean it it's turning into its own little Mecca convenience to many different areas of shopping with redmond town center and the redevelopment of redmond is giving us restaurants and shops along our main corridor in the downtown area walkability of safety and convenience in just a fun atmosphere if you want the faster pace the active culture the nightlife the bellevue and seattle is right there so it's a great place to be and you've got close travel to each of those locations too we rarely find the need to leave Redmond but we do just for fun sometimes this is the longest I've stayed in any place in my entire lifetime and have no plans of going anywhere anytime soon it's a safe place a fun place and a very friendly place to be I just found it a great community to have a family and liberalise it's just a great place to be and I would highly recommend giving Redmond a shot as you're home

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