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Мясорубка Bosch (Бош) | Обзор насадок

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Все видео пользователя: Диана Литвиненко.

В видео представлена электрическая мясорубка Bosch MFW67440. Демонстрируем, как на самом деле работают все насадки для мясорубки и овощерезки:

* насадка шинковка

* насадка терка

* насадка для кебаба (кеббе)

* для приготовления фарша

Аналогичные насадки встречаются во всех электромясорубках, поэтому не стоит привязываться к названию производителя!

Для сравнения у данной модели характеристики:

* мощность 700 Вт

* корпус - металл, пластик

* насадки: 3 диска для фарша, терка, шинковка, кеббе и для домашней колбасы.

P.S. Если вы хотите с помощью данной мясорубки шинковать капусту.... к сожалению, потратите много нервов и времени. Для шинковки капусты эта модель не подходит. Но зато она отлично наезает (на насадке шинковка) редис, огурцы, морковь, сырой картофель.

Перемалываем пророщенное зерно на мясорубке бош MFW67440 - https://youtu.be/b0cFvAvyPOQ...


Подписывайтесь на канал - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChpoi...


Мои ОТЗЫВЫ ПОДРОБНО (текст+фото) - https://ali2.ru/g1KwCHdJ


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Good afternoon! We want to make review of bosch grinder and show the main types of attachments. I hasten to say that these tools are about the same in all models not only bosch, but other Companies..

Go! Let's cut vegetable. I have only 2 caps.

Shredder and grater they are not attached, simply slide inside..

Grinder works quite noisy. That's like an ordinary grater..

Next - shredder. There is a third cap.

But there is no such cap in this model..

Here is the result of shredder (Cutting) It cuts well only solid vegetables e.g., carrots, radishes, cucumbers..

I tried to chop cabbage - it took a very long time. The cap is clogged and I must constantly stop it and get cabbage from the inside..

Next, look how it deals with meat..

There is a head (disks) storage 3 of them..

Large, medium (stands insideand) and small..

There is a button "reverse" when working with meat it is located very uncomfortable in this model! It can be confused and can be pressed during operation "Reverse" instead of "stop" it may damage the grinder. So, let us do minced beef.

It is meat for cutlet with veined (rigid).

See how fast it can handle it. And chicken fillet..

I forgot to install tray for meat, that it was easier if the meat slices, then can put it on the tray and simply push down inside..

Let's look more one cap foк kebab it should be used with already forcemeat..

Now this tray is very necessary, because we put forcemeat..

It turns out that's such hollow sausage. It's a little bit torn, but this because demonstration version :) according to the recipe you should add rump and then it does not break and would be very elastic. It turns out sausage, you tear off desired piece put inside the filling, push edges and you get cool kebabs then fry them. The instructions has a recipe. There are different recipes for kebabs in the Internet to find. Tool for the home sausage. The principle is the same. But you should use pork intestine. Hopefully review is helpful! Subscribe to the channel :) Bye everyone!

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