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Лучшие смартфоны 2019 года на которые стоит обратить внимание!

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro - http://ali2.ru/as1oyQyw

ASUS ZenFone Max Pro M1 - http://ali2.ru/as1JdoVy

iPhone Xs Max - http://ali2.ru/as1Z7zsQu

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - http://ali2.ru/as1Pkmwk

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Xiaomi Mi A2 - http://ali2.ru/as130Hgw8

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We welcome you our dear subscribers and the audience today we have prepared for you small selection what smartphone to buy in 2019 the ranking of the most purchased in this review we have collected the best smartphones and years on our view is the device of various segments they are only smartphones flagships note that most devices are United by one part wide-angle display that occupy most of the front panel idea relatively fresh however, already managed to gain popularity buyers today, therefore, used even on low-end devices and the main question is which smartphone is better buy in 2019 see our review.

Xiaomi redmi note xiaomi 6 talking about this got the metal case in already the usual style for the company however, it still looks very, very pleased especially we like the light tones for example the same blue diagonal 6.25 inch wide angle display high resolution 2280 by 1080 pixels.

The platform is quite powerful chipset qualcomm snapdragon 600 36 3 gigabytes operational and 32 gigabytes built-in memories take into account the powerful battery capacity of the whole 4000 milliampere hour this smartphone both cameras are dual that is, the rear and front resolution 1 is 12 5 megapixels 2 20 2 megapixels like most smartphones of its class redmi notes 6 pro has a scanner fingerprint and function unlock by face.

Alcatel tribe 5 thousand 99 b budget device from alcatel which can surprise with its design you look at it and it seems as if before you smartphone at least a couple of classes higher and there is no in General designers took care on glory alcatel tribe 5 thousand ninety-nine d has a fairly large 6-inch large format display on the back cover we see a double rear camera the resolution is 12 by 2 megapixels which is at really good shoots and for the camera is located fingerprint sensor face unit also supported as processor used mediatek mt8389.

Gabai T. V. battery capacity 3000 milliamp per hour.

Asus zenfone max pro m 1 smartphone with excellent functionality and surprisingly reasonable cost seems the experts asus created the most real hit here is that gets the buyer very pretty metal body excellent six-inch wide-angle display quite a powerful platform due to the chips qualcomm snapdragon 600 36 and 3 gigabytes RAM stereo speakers support Anna all smart scanner not fingerprint fingers plus in twilight split slot for sim card powerful battery for as much as 5000 milliamps an hour very decent for its class of cameras and rear double drain version android with subsequent updates.

Iphone xs max 256 GB apple some time ago introduced immediately some of the most interesting smartphones among them, it seems to us xs max this model similar to the younger model xs but the display diagonal is above 6.5 inches against 5.8 inches though x s xs max is very.

Similar to the iphone 10 used here all new processors and pla 12 bionic updated cameras added new the shade of the case is Golden and glass became even stronger even the standard of water protection that you hand out 68 against ip67 needless to say that the new XS max perfectly removes and affects the speed works by the way he is one of the world's most powerful smartphones at once after iphone xs there is support for fast wireless exercises.

Samsung galaxy note 9 samsung continues to produce not series smartphones are a kind of alternative flagships that enjoy great success with buyers around the world due to what in first of all, due to the company's the s pen stylus hiding inside the body of galaxy note 9 is one of those few smartphones which is endowed with stylus but there are many other reasons memorize one of the best displays in world diagonal 6.4 inch platform on base chipset exynos 9810 and 6 gigabytes RAM with a large power reserve support fast wireless charging some of the best cameras on the market smartphone secret double with resolution 12 12 megapixels fingerprinting sensor plus iris scanner great sound in headphones from speaker capacious a to b at 4000 milliamp hour and so on.

Huawei P20 Pro is a model from the company huawei is primarily interested in its you're not a camera after all, p20 Pro already call one of the best camera phones on the market rear module consists of three sensors main monochrome of three times optical zoom their resolution is 4028 megapixels accordingly, the feature is that huawei p20 pro allows you to get great pictures not only during the day but also night diagonal widescreen display 6 as much as one tenth of an inch is used chips of its own design high silicone Kirin 970 memory capacity 6 gigabytes of RAM 128 gigabytes no built-in memory card support the powerful battery of 4,000 milliamps hour level of protection from water api 67 is fingerprint scanner plus Fisun bow.

Hammer 10 top-end smartphone from the company Hyun elegant body design but do you see yourself 10 honor 5 has as many as eighty-four hundredths of an inch widescreen display and in as a chips the used's silicone Kirin 970 the amount of memory in this versions 4 gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes call battery capacity 3400 milliamp hour supported fast charging in addition to cool design you can mention a great display good multifunctional camera the key under the display is a good sound in earphones.

Xiaomi mi-2 if you like smartphone from xiaomi companies but did not want to buy the device is only because of branded firmware miui you have the opportunity to purchase 0:08:09.930,0:08:13.710 imagine xiaomi mi odigo which are based on the stock version android to the word with subsequent hardware updates the platform is powerful thanks to the processor qualcomm snapdragon 600 64 gigabytes RAM capacity a to b 3010 milliampere hour support quick charging here you will find also the metal body is very good cameras the back has got a resolution of 12 and 20 megapixel nimble fingerprint scanner finger and unlock function and finger and naked 3 . 1 among new smartphones we liked the Finnish company very much low-cost leg 3.1 the device will get the body glass and plastic material quality and the Assembly is excellent and still have a smartphone good ergonomics it lies well in the hand diagonal screen 5.2 inches screen in the latest fashion widescreen mediatek mt6750 processor memory capacity 2 gigabytes of RAM and sixteen gigabytes of pz y battery capacity is not bad 2990 milliamp hour resolution cameras and 8 13 megapixels there is no scanner fingerprint but there is an nfc module.

Van plus 6t van plus has updated its flagship and in fact the only smartphone can not to say that change a lot but some of these, very interesting in the first place it should be said about the display its diagonal increased to 6.41 inches and at the top of it is now the teardrop-shaped island has increased its battery capacity of up to 3700 mA hour fingerprint scanner from now on located directly on the display ultrasonic heart has not changed everything the same powerful qualcomm snapdragon 800 45 which in this version works together with 8 gigabytes of RAM appeared the new algorithm is not the diet that promises improve the quality of the images at night.

But yabla is 530 simple and inexpensive but Ebla is 530 which got trendy now designs vertical module dusty camera because of what you might think what camera does the double there is no she single and its authorization is 13 megapixel resolution front camera 5 megapixel diagonal wide angle display 5.45 inch 1440.

720 pixels chipset Quad-core mediatek mt6735 memory capacity 2 gigabytes RAM and sixteen gigabytes will call battery capacity 2600 milliamps hour is a badge.

Sony xperia xz 3 while other flagships acquire more and more the number of sensors, cameras company sony itself does not change the secret camera its single resolution 19 megapixels, however, takes it very okay so don't worry sonic spirit z3 has got a gorgeous 6-inch display and very cool design housings the body itself is made of glass and steel the fingerprint sensor is located on the back but much lower module from the camera we'll have to get used to there is water protection IP 68 shooting in slow mo latest version of android 9.0 chip used the top-end qualcomm snapdragon 800 45 volume memory 6 gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of PZ the battery capacity of 3300 30 milliamps hour fast and wireless supported exercise Algy JI zentel family flagship lg the new generation as before smartphone can boast of protection against water IP 68 and cups bleed 9200 18 pc.

This is a musical smartphone which is reviews sounds cool in headphones excellent display has a diagonal of 6 whole one tenth of an inch the novelty works on the basis of the processor 0:12:51.319,0:12:58.670 qualcomm snapdragon 800 45 memory.

4 gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes inner rear camera double one module wide-angle resolution 16 16 megapixel's the battery capacity is 3000 milliamp hour is supported fast and wireless charging xiaomi mi max 3.

It is a smartphone with one of the largest displays on the market its diagonal reaches 6 as much as nine tenths of an inch almost as small tablet the display is powerful battery capacity as much as five thousand 500 milliamps an hour so over time battery life shouldn't be a problem max mi 3 has got metal body excellent dual rear camera a resolution of 12 5 megapixels good platform based on qualcomm chipset snapdragon 600 30 64 gigabytes of RAM and 64.

Gigabyte belly u support fast charging smart fingerprint sensor plus Fisun varnish sorry Chaplin and in Sedna meizu 16x top smartphone from the company meizu with 6 inch wide format the display has several interesting features first you can to see the image the fingerprint scanner is on display the second feature is the discreetly version in white housing got the cover from ceramics the third feature will be interesting music lovers here used saab qualcomm max teach wcg 9340 1 & smarta cyrus cs35 logic n 41 processes qualcomm snapdragon 800 45 memory this version has 6 gigabytes of RAM and 64 Gigabyte PT-ACS battery capacity 3010 milliampere hour fast charging supported resolution from other dual camera 12 and 20 megapixels.

Iphone se and here is smartphone which from year in year it is becoming increasingly relevant why ask you all just the most a small flagship on the market and judging by to all such it will remain diagonal the screen is only four inches exactly what big likes the number of users do not worry on account of what the iphone se looks like iphone 5s in addition to housing they have almost nothing general and all because si is based on much more powerful model 6s so si shows the wonders of performance and high speed of the system from 6s he got the back camera, too. 12 megapixel resolution shoots elegant believe front camera resolution 1.3 megapixels and shoots alas not so well on this we all hope you liked our a small selection of the most purchased smartphone in 2019 and if Yes give it a like and don't forget subscribe to the channel is still a lot interesting all the while

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