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Как выбрать клеевой пистолет. Простота устройства клеевого пистолета, доступная цена, быстрота и прочность склеивания сделали этот инструмент

популярным в быту и профессиональном использовании.

Его с успехом применяют домохозяйки, народные умельцы, ремонтники, строители. Обзор клеевого пистолета.

Удобный регулятор температур и отличная мощность

1. GoGoPanda AT-8B - http://ali2.ru/as1ZwfPbP

Защищенное сопло и качественная сборка

2. TASP MGG03K - http://ali2.ru/as14fjL2

Лучший бюджетный вариант для рукоделия и для дома

3. YZL 1698 - http://ali2.ru/as17RW-cX

Лучшая автономность и наличие подсветки

4. Meterk GK-368 6V - http://ali2.ru/as1_CSDH

Самый популярный на АлиЭкспресс

5. DEKO GJ67 - http://ali2.ru/as1nOL4mW

#термопистолет #термоклей #клей_пистолет

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Hello, you're on the channel AVA! Today in our review, 5 best glue guns with Aliexpress. Glue gun-favorite tool florists, decorators, repairmen, handy and Housewives. The principle of its operation is simple - glue in the form of a rod is fed on the heating element, brought to the desired temperature and flows out through the nozzle. Necessary thing in any economy. But we begin. No. 5. DEKO GJ67. The most popular on Aliexpress..

The popularity of this small the glue gun is caused by, first of all, its affordable price. Inexpensive device is excellent showed themselves in needlework, minor repairs and various hobby. It is often bought for children for the realization of creative projects and just for home - good., when such a thing always at hand. Model calculated the hot melt adhesive diameter 7-8 mm. This size is considered best for inexperienced users. Thin "sticks" allow apply more gently glue on the surface. The nozzle is made of aluminum, additional coverage No. And that means, what you need to work carefully, otherwise, burns are possible. Housing plastic, pretty strong. There is an led indicator, signalling connection devices to network, and button inclusions. The gun heats quickly. Temperature controller heating is not provided. In reviews on Aliexpress buyers write that the goods fully comply their expectation. No. 4. METERK GK-368 6V. Better autonomy and availability.

Illuminations. For decorative, model and design work is not always suitable network glue gun. In this case, the battery will help model with Aliexpress, which presented in the review. The device works on AA-batteries (4 pieces). Better to use batteries good capacity. Cheap batteries lack awhile. Compartment for items power removable. This glue gun has led illumination - to work with bad lighting is important. Another plus – easy weight. For battery packs models are important. The glue is heated to 170-200 degrees for 3-4 minutes..

Feed productivity high-15-25 g / min. This is enough for a comfortable works. According to reviews, glue is spent economically, not flowing. The design of the trigger is here one of the best. As a whole - it's great wireless glue gun for the house..

No. 3. YZL 1698. Best budget option.

For needlework and home. This network thermal gun deserved the attention of users site Aliexpress thanks good functionality, and having a better stand in the basic configuration. Very useful addition, which is necessary for crafts. Mistresses they know how to glue rhinestones, beads and different trifle, not having a comfortable stand. There are losses of time, nerves and excess consumption glue's. And for the house it is better to give preference for models with stand. This brand is represented by glue guns, calculated on rods with a diameter of 7 or 11 mm. Power can be selected. But the best are modifications with adjustment heating's. They get the biggest number of positive feedback and can be used professionals. Stand design all options are identical. It's a well-designed tool – easy to fix, drops of glue are collected in recess that is easy to clean. Great product at a ratio price-quality. No. 2. TASP MGG03K. Protected nozzle and high-quality.

Assembly. Reliable, inexpensive, adhesive gun with nozzle protected rubber casing. Such design makes work with him safe. The model is compact, well in the hand, fit and adult, and children. Hot melt glue rods it uses a 7-millimeter. The cord is long enough - about 1.5 meters. The flow temperature of the adhesive - 180 degrees. Trigger convenient, pressed without effort. The body is light, made made of high quality plastic. The gun is suitable for long-lasting works, can be used for repair, needlework, children creativities. Glues textiles, leather, paper, other materials (except glass and metal). Can be used in as thermal glue design handles prefab module. The performance of the average - glue flow 4.5 g/ min, heated.

Up to working condition it for 2-3 minutes. For the state employee it is not bad. There is a small stand to fix the gun on the table. In writing a review, that it's comfortable enough. No. 1. GOGOPANDA AT-8B. A convenient regulator of temperature.

And great power. Powerful adhesive thermal gun for a variety of applications It quite large, designed for rods from thermoplastics diameter 11 mm. Suitable for both repair big things, and for needlework. In reviews write, that use his even for paintless auto repair. Main advantage this model – easy adjustment set temperature. Range 100 to 220 degrees. You can use different rods - and refractory, and those that are 100 degrees lack (usually they transparent). Here is worth fully-fledged sensor that supports the desired temperature, including and turning off the gun automatically. Heating element quite powerful, but the body no heat. Valve for glue hold well – the adhesive is practically it does not follow from the spout, if you don't pull the trigger gun's. All done. high quality and reliable. Buyers with Aliexpress happy with this acquisition. It is no worse than construction guns', the cost of which is significantly higher. We hope you enjoyed it, and you will appreciate this video, clicking on the "like" button. sign the AVA channel. It was a review of the 5 best adhesive pistols with Aliexpress. Thanks to all who watched video until the end, All until.


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