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Наш рейтинг лучших смарт тв приставок 2019 года.

№5. TV BOX S10 plus - http://ali2.ru/as1npQEUX

№4. Hybrid OTT Amlogic S805 - http://ali2.ru/f1_9tpz

№3.Smart tv box A95S 4K - http://ali2.ru/as1o3PMD

№2. Rockchip H96 MAX 4Gb - http://ali2.ru/as1nLt2Ez

№1. Apple TV Gen 4 - http://slmrt.ru/aFFc...

Рейтинги, обзоры, подборки товаров - http://tekhnotop.ru...

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Welcome to our channel today in our review the best smart TV set-top boxes of 2019 in this video we have collected the most functional expensive models smart TV set-top boxes their advantage is what they support 4k format has more powerful graphics accelerators processor large operational volume memories and we start number five in the box with 10 plus in the top of smart TV set-top boxes separate attention is given in box 10 plus powered by rockchip rk 3309 chip 8 we are talking about a Quad-core processor each core has one clock speed a whole five tenths of a gigahertz besides the device has a high-performance the mali 450 m 52 accelerator provides play video content from resolution 3840 x 2160 pixels at.

60 frames per second in addition one of the few models functions based on android 8.1 operating system oreo has 4 gigabytes of RAM and powerful flash module capacity which is 32 gigabytes at the same time the main feature of this device is that it can implement tasks wireless charging station standard q a in plus can be include the following powerful processor the quality of the accelerator flash module capacity resolution of the downsides of the service.

Number four acquire logic s805 considering the best set-top boxes for TV'S you can not leave without due attention model libre that time logic s805 which functions on the basis of the processor cortex a5 and 4g peel Mali 450 accelerator in technical terms, this model is inferior analogues of this segment but attracts stylish and durable housing allows you to view the web pages of the sites to listen to music in online flash mode 11.1 developers equipped with a device 36 languages as interfaces used by USB plan MII is hd and the output given durability and stable performance can be to conclude that the model has the optimal ratio of price and quality in plus it is possible to carry the following loyal price number of interfaces good accelerator design options from cons no cover number three smart tv box a-95 with 4K this the model also does not distinguish unusual characteristics but it has a unique feature wireless charging at maximum capacity in 10 years operates on the basis of current android operating system 7.1 judging by the comments 32 is enough for full-fledged work gigabytes of memory but if you want you can to buy 64 GB of RAM memory is also a choice of either 2 or 4 the Gigabyte model is available with Quad-core chip a m logic S900 5w so no problems reproduces 4k video the advantages of the model should also be include 16 GB em em si flash withal the advantage of the model include support for all modern codecs in plus, we can include the following CPU and logic S900 5w maximum resolution support hdr technologies codec support stylish design of the minuses is not the latest version of android.

Room 2 rockchip already 96 max4 this smart the receiver works on the basis of Quad-core rockchip rk 3309 C chips a clock frequency of 2 GHz the equipment has 4 gigabytes of RAM and graphics accelerator mali 450 the model can perform any task from browsing is also perfect as before play dynamic games like and other modern device models works on the basis of the operating system 8.1 in addition to android smart tv box provides interaction with 3d in appearance it is clear that has a good build however the reliability of a well-known brand there is no doubt reviews also point to long service life plus the same can be attributed to the following ratio prices and quality good build characteristics simple management the design does not work well..

Number one Hey the path in gn-4 best smart TV set-top box 2019 models of apple tv gn-4 functioning on Apple A8-based processor supports a huge number of online services iTunes and plan Sich netflix hulu already be a show time unlike most analogues' the model has as operating ios system given the chip's operating power system and 4 GB of RAM memory doubt performance this model is not worth the internal memory installed depending on modification 32 or 64 GB, the back is a lan port to connect to the network as much as demeo and and and exits Assembly developers equipped with the device USB 3.0 USB 2.0 from the this is for memory card also attracts the quality of the remote supporting voice control and support iphone to the pros can also be include the following excellent performance maximum permission easy control number of ports of the minuses not found.

We hope you enjoyed and appreciate this video by clicking on like subscribe of the canal but it was a review of the best smart TV set-top boxes 2019 thanks to all who watched the video before the end of all until meeting

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