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Выбираем самый надёжный и качественный автомобиль 2019 года! Если Вам интересно какой автомобиль стал самым надёжным в мировом рейтинге смотрите наш обзор. ТОП-10.

1. Lexus GX

2. Porsche 911

3. MINI Cooper

4. BMW 5 Series

5. Toyota Corolla

6. Lexus NX

7. Toyota Camry

8. Honda Fit

9. Kia Soul

10. Toyota Highlander

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By rating all hi.

Welcome to the AVA channel today we have opened a new section all about car and today we have the most reliable cars 2019 two years the main factors affecting the say whether you when choosing a machine is determined and I take or uncertainly and I still think this price and reliability are attracted to someone in as experts friends and acquaintances someone is looking for feedback on the forums car owners and we decided to rely on the experts and the end reports and Jaden power publications annually make a rating of the most reliable cars of 2019 by interviewing hundreds of thousands of drivers in can report amount reports for 2019 model year was considered the responses from 500 thousand owners of motor means' possessing information about everything from engine brake systems and finishing interior quality and infotainment system non-profit testing Agency confidently predicted and what cars get buyers the least problem in the coming years the latest ranking of the most reliable American company JD balor based on survey results over 3 millions of 300 thousand motorists who own their cars at least 3 years we present you the top 10 most reliable passenger cars for 2019, we have included in rating of the car which are sold in official car dealers and we start.

The number one lexus SCS and Jaden Paul i can the amount of reports agreed in the opinion that reliable lexus brand in auto world no that's why this luxurious and powerful SUV has become the king of the road in 2019 the most reliable car if you need maximum reliability highland but want more technology comfort's the lexus GKS this is a house that requires a high measure of reliability 95 percent of this machine is substantial ahead of the nearest indicators competitors' audi q7 66 percent mercedes Jill and 52 the percentage of acura mdx and 40 percent.

The number two porsche 911 is the most reliable car 2019 according to Jayden power this sporty handsome is not included in the top ten most expensive cars in the world, however, cannot afford most car owners in mind not humane prices in 100 thousand dollars a true Aryan the automotive industry offers the excellent driving dynamics of a luxury interior and stylish scale design the capacity of this machine varies from 325 up to 620 horsepower for various updated versions of the porsche 911 modification in 911 carrera s and 911 carrera 4s has become one of the main novelties motor show in Los Angeles in 2018 the most noticeable external changes the long steel hood and the headlights matrix LEDs from the changes inside they are worth noting upgraded 3-liter oppositional the 450 horsepower engine is also there was a mode to help the driver in ride-on-wet coating.

Number 3 mini cooper the winner in the category best compact sports car is not so frequent guest on our roads however abroad more popular and list Jaden Allah even ahead of the nearest competitor, the mazda mx-5 miata however survey participants konsum a report does not agree and such gave the palm of the Japanese so we assume that these two cars go nostril to nostril in addition to reliability mini Cooper immediately stands out from among competitors their unusual external view this machine is for everybody but your the host is the iron horse not disappoint frequent diseases.

Number four, the BMW 5 series a powerful elegant car with gorgeous manageability has been named by j&d experts power the best midsize sedan im the premium segment of 2019 and although our owners in BMW 5 series share admiration of their foreign colleagues but yet there are no complaints about the lack of reliability of machines and it is high transport tax and expensive consumables but the car is worth it because of the comfort dynamics and design of her few equals.

Number 5. toyota corolla in the compact class car there is a tough competition, however, Karl has managed to overtake all the rivals got the title the most reliable compact car of 2019 with a result of 89 percent to the present time you probably already tired to watch as the models of Toyota are winning the fight for reliability but imagine what it feels like other automaker owners do not reported to konsum reports nothing bad about this car since 2014 and before that, there were complaints of minor problems with automotive electronics so what if you're looking for a practical the most reliable and not too expensive car for trips around the city the toyota corolla is the best option.

Number six lexus nx in recent years, there have been many problems with luxury crossovers but among them you you will not find a lexus model in the case the compact index was encountered in mention of minor issues with paint and finish 0:06:35.100,0:06:38.800 information and entertainment system however, they have been resolved in the past two years according to the latest survey the end of the Marie sail lexus nx looks almost flawlessly its high reliability ratings 88 percent allowed the car to overtake such famous competitors as porsche macan 53 percent and mercedes gl c 34 percent's.

Number 7 toyota camry one of the most reliable mid-size passenger cars decades not shamed his name and in 2019 he sold worldwide is not the first year and are in the top 5 best from the point presentability view prices and quality machines on market a new the model program is the first car in 2019 besides reviews car owners toyota camry in the service is not expensive the main the cost of this car engine oil and gasoline filter despite the fact that the basic camry design already exists a few years gives and is constantly making improvements to keep it fresh competitive here and in the present year we have an updated model the popular sedan its cost is $ 30,000.

Number eight honda fit end reports evaluates honda fit as the best small car in the us market at us hatchback mikroven is called honda jazz in the last question foreign car owners reported the absence of any deficiencies in this model for the last two years the only negative feedback communication concerning honda fit is related to minor problems of climate system car owners also do not complain on honda fit calling it reliable nimble fuel-efficient cars.

Number nine kitty to get the highest the assessment of the reliability of the cars and the contender usually have to press one of the models Toyota in front of the table is exactly what made Tessa's car in 2019 becoming the most reliable minivan in recent years after several years without any serious claims with owners ' parties his soul received the best rating reliability to date, it is curious what's in the can sum report ranking with the best minivan was another model production are namely, shadow on it managed to surpass the highly popular on West toyota of hay and forced to swallow or other applicants for the title minivan of the year.

Number 10. toyota highlander to tell the truth Toyota could fill all this list of reliable vehicles but some and models are the most impressive if you look at data on the highland SUV since his redesign in 2014 you will find car without mechanical problems and almost without problems with the electrics in cabin but the best year of highland came in 2018 when he scored the highest for the segment rating in a report late on records.

We hope you enjoyed this video and you put a "like" subscribe to ago channel this was a review of the most reliable cars 2019 thanks to all who watched the video to the end see you all soon.


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