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Multi cooker & Slow cooker REDMOND RMC-M90E

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Cook meat, fish, poultry, vegetables and seafood; bake and fry, make porridge, soup, pasta, rice dishes, dough, yoghurt, and dessert.

Power: 860 W

Bowl Capacity: 5 L

Bowl Coating: Non-stick, ceramic ANATO®

Number of programs: 45 (17 automatic programs, 28 manual programs)

MULTICOOK: Temperature settings of the program range from 35°C to 170°C

Display: Color LCD

Package includes: “100 Recipes” Cookbook, deep fry basket with handle, steam basket.

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Ma it will cook a host of tasty and healthy dishes and give you free time the redmond multicooker is an appliance which can work independently you don't have to slave over a stove or eat semi-product the multicooker helps you to save time and cooks for you various healthy dishes from natural products one compact multicooker m9 te replaces a stove an oven a slow cooker a yogurt maker a bread maker and a steamer significantly saving family money and freeing up space in your kitchen this device also saves electricity thanks to minimum power consumption only during the cooking process the multicooker has 17 automatic programs which help to easily and quickly cook steamed vegetables stewed and fried dishes and also cook soups side dishes make desserts homemade pastry various drinks yogurt and many other dishes the multicooker also has a unique program with a manual adjustment multi cook you may adjust the cooking parameters the temperature adjustment ranges from 35 to 170 degrees centigrade in five degrees centigrade interval and the time can be adjusted between 5 minutes and 12 hours select settings for your favorite dishes original recipes from the internet or even cook dishes of your own you can also use the multi cook program for sous-vide cooking what do you prefer for the dinner light vegetable soup or a rich ragu the multicooker turns cooking your favorite meals into an easy and pleasant activity with the m9 te you may cook light Dietetics teams dishes vegetables fish or steamed meat just lay the ingredients into a special steam tray fix it into the multicooker bowl and select the steam program you make or capitai Singh peeler pizza and even yogurt in the multicooker use the bread program if you want to bake your favorite whole-grain gluten-free or classic white bread at home you just need to put the dough into the bowl and the multicooker will poop on the whole cooking cycle from dough proofing to baking the multicooker cooks automatically select a recipe from a colorful cookbook and the m9 te will do the rest you just need to enjoy the result the capabilities of the multicooker are enlarged with several functions which make using the m9 te even more convenient if you need to delay the start of the program so that the dish is cooked by the definite time to reheat or keep the ready dish warm use such functions as time delay reheat and keep warm the m9 te has the feature of keep warm preliminary disabling it is essential if you cook a dish which doesn't require reheating after the end of program operation for example yogurt the redmond m9 te comes equipped with the 3d heating technology the heating elements are placed below on top and on the sides thanks to 3d heating each dish is cooked properly equally from all sides and food preserves all the vitamins and nutrients 5 litre bowl has ceramic nonstick coating allowing you to cook with minimum oil or no oil at all the coating has perfect heat conducting properties and can be easily washed both manually and in dish washing machine the package also includes a steam tray a deep-fried basket a measuring cup a serving spoon and a stirring paddle and a cookbook with 100 recipes put together by Redmond chefs specifically for the m9 te so that you can start cooking healthy and tasty dishes immediately after purchasing the multicooker to extend your cooking capabilities and make cooking process in the m9 te even more convenient you may additionally purchase accessories for this model a set of special yogurt jars a multi-purpose ham maker for making homemade sausages meat rolls and other meat and fish delicacies and also tongs for the proper Bowl removing from the housing of the multicooker if it's a multi cooker then its Redmond Redmond professional chef in your kitchen available at

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