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Ищите хороший и не дорогой электронный тонометр, посмотрите наш обзор лучших автоматических тонометров.

Ниже представлены ссылки, на тонометры можете посмотреть цену или купить тонометр.

№1. Omron M2 Basic New - http://slmrt.ru/agIc...

№2. AND UA-777 - http://slmrt.ru/ahIc...

№3. B.Well WA-77 NEW «Talking» - http://slmrt.ru/aiIc...

№4. OMRON M3 Family - http://slmrt.ru/ajIc...

№5. Omron M3 Expert - http://slmrt.ru/akIc...

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Hello, you're on the channel AVA!.

Today in our review,TOP Top 5 automatic tonometers'. The instrument used to measure blood pressures. Each of us at least once in life faced with the need urgently measure performance heart rate and blood pressures. Automatic blood pressure monitors there is an opportunity get accurate results measurements by yourself in house conditions. Today on sale can be to meet a lot of the same devices that are externally little than differ each from each other, but sometimes considerably vary in cost. We compared the most popular automatic blood pressure monitors 2019, and amounted to you a rating of the five best.

Devices that fit it is for home use..

We're starting...

Fifth place-Tonometer Omron M3 Expert..

Good blood pressure considered price category (3,5 t R) for comfortable use in house conditions. Speed and accuracy of measurements, as always with models of this firms, high. Thanks to Intellisense technology, which is perfectly implemented in the device, the degree of pressurization the cuffs are individually adjustable, taking into account physiological features of each specific user's. As a result, the measurements the result is more accurate and painless. Increased fan-shaped dimensions cuffs (22-42 cm) make the device.

Universal, since it can be used people not only with average arm girth, but with a pretty big one. In addition, thanks to its fan-shaped, cuff repeats as accurately as possible the shape of the hand, and minimizes discomfort at the time of measurement. Omron M3 Expert has a number of necessary sensors that guarantee the correctness and accuracy of measurements': arrhythmias, movements, incorrect commit cuffs. Once on the LCD screen one or more lights will light up of the listed indicators, measurement should be stopped and start again. Otherwise it will be inaccurate. The device memory can be save up to 100 measurements and average calculations. At the same time next to each the result will be written date and time it was received. Tonometer equally good battery operated, and the network. Supplied with special adapter..

Fourth place – tonometer OMRON M3 Family. Another representative Chinese company OMRON deservedly he entered the top five. At a cost of about $ 60, he has everything, what the family needs for self-monitoring pressure and pulse and even a little more, judge ourselves: large liquid crystal screen, convenient control system and menu movement, universal cuff (22-42 cm), which is excellent suitable for the youngest.

Member of the family and the oldest, possibility of Autonomous.

Uses, network operation, memorizing the last 60 measurement results, possibility to make two profile for parallel save the results two different people, for example. , separately, pulse and blood pressure wife separately, the husband, Scale who and an indicator of arrhythmia, Indicator that works at movement and at the wrong cuff fixation..

Third place – tonometer B. Well WA-77 NEW "Talking". Distinctive feature this tonometer, which costs about $ 35 – voice instructions measurements'. Interesting feature, but, in terms of, the practicality of it a little good, because on the big screen and without it perfectly visible all indicators. Well WA-77 also has a scale Who helps not easily to measure heart rate and blood pressure, but also to estimate the received results. Included with the device is a universal cuff. To drive processes are provided just one button. The device uses Fuzzy Logic technology, which on the basis of the measurement of pulsation vessels install optimum pressure level in the cuff. More, among the advantages the tonometer, it can be noted stand-alone operation, the presence of arrhythmia and error indicators and charge. Disadvantages: remembers only the last result measures, weighs almost twice as many as the others models, so its not very comfortable to always wear with them..

Second place – tonometer AND UA-777..

This tonometer has capabilities a little more than the previous one,.

Therefore, the price is higher (35 to 60 dollars). For the money you get high-precision measuring device that goes directly complete with mains charger device, but also it can work Autonomous from 4 batteries class 2 A. The memory device is designed 90 measurements. On the front side of the case large liquid crystal display which reflects not only heart rate indicators and pressure, but the scale of the who, showing, what pressure can be considered the norm, and when are observed deviation from norm..

First place – tonometer Omron M2 Basic New..

This device has the most optimal the ratio between the price and functional features. Its cost varies from 30 to 50 dollars, depending from the kit. The blood pressure monitors come in different configurations: Minimal-simple device and cuff, is powered by four AA battery/batteries. With adapter-exists option to connect device to network or start on batteries. With adapter and universal cuff-works from mains, and battery, and additional the cuff (22-42 cm) makes it possible.

Measure pressure and pulse obese people, which standard cuff (22-32 cm) small..

Omron M2 Basic is equipped with a small LCD screen with arrhythmia indicator. 0:07:16.270,0:07:19.230 The device stores up to 30 measurements, and means for Togo, to track the dynamics not necessarily to wage a special diary, just look in memory of past results and compare it to the present. Blood pressure monitor is very compact, and thanks to the possibility it can be self-contained take it with you anytime. Most importantly, if you're going on a long trip, don't forget to stock up on a few additional sets small battery. And in Conclusion..

You may have noticed, that first place took the most simple and budget automatic device, and the other four seats shared more functional and expensive models. The fact is that the main the task of a home blood pressure monitor - accurate heart rate measurement and pressure. With this task all considered us devices cope equally well, except moreover, all work and from mains and battery, and all about the same type of cuff, and if not differences, why pay more?.

We hope you enjoyed it, and you will appreciate this video, clicking on the "like" button. sign the AVA channel. It was a review, TOP 5 best automatic blood pressure monitors. The instrument used to measure blood pressures. Thanks to all who watched video until the end, All until.


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