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Камеры наружного видеонаблюдения с АлиЭкспресс

1. BOAVISION HD54F-2MP/4MP/5MP-30X - http://ali2.ru/as12bCj_

2. VSTARCAM C7815WIP - http://ali2.ru/as1jfmE8M

3. HIKVISION DS-2DE3304W-DE 3MP - http://ali2.ru/as1MHvtfy

4. REOLINK 420 – 5 МП - http://ali2.ru/as1H-ZeJa

5. REOLINK ARGUS 2+SOLAR PANEL - http://ali2.ru/as1dzDp0

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Hi to all you on the channel ava today in our review the best cameras.

Outdoor video surveillance with aliexpress Chinese video surveillance equipment proved its quality and performance in the most complex conditions to buy api camera on aliexpress is really beneficial price.

Similar devices in offline stores while still significantly higher for outdoor.

Video surveillance is used as simple and cheap cameras and more advanced.

Wired for this and devices turning zumman all are configured from your smartphone to improve the night vision uses infrared illumination of the new generation are LEDs do not fail for longer.

Rating we have included a variety of models they have in common is the best value for money number 5 railing Argus 2 + solar panel better autonomy even wireless.

Devices for video surveillance power required and this cable and which not always can be give this camera from our review is different battery life the device runs on.

Solar panels and the seller with aliexpress sends with the gadget.

The device interacts with the smartphone via Wi-Fi model can used as a video call with two way communication as well as the siren alarm removable the battery has a capacity of 5200.

Milliamp hour you can charge it from network adapter with powerbank.

Or solar powered the power of the panel itself is only 2.8 watts.

Cable long plug USB have protection from moisture the picture quality of this model is worthy with the proper settings entry.

Occurs only after triggering motion sensor in the rest of the cameras.

Can be in standby mode just note that the device can not.

Connect from smartphone without Internet.

Number four is real 420 is great detail video camera for those who.

Appreciates high quality video shooting the device is something.

Average between home gadgets use and complex design equipment model shoot video in high resolution 2560 at 1925.

Megapixel camera with the most detail even when zooming in, the picture turns out.

Quite detailed can be consider small details on a large distance the number of machines the faces of the people there are great protection against external weather factors ip66 and built-in memory card slot.

Connection and PI of the camera is carried out on power technology on ethernet p minus.

One cable is used for video and audio block Wi Fi this modification is not but it's not a scary bit to watch out for events can be at any distance through the app real to on your mobile device built-in nvr digital video recorder allows for covert surveillance 24 hour per day build and playback quality video is one of the best cameras in the review.

Number 3 x and link VAT 2 de 3300 4wd optimal combination of quality and.

Speed video the company hike the entire and it is in second place in the world among the systems of video surveillance and after Hua and if you have serious demands image quality and functionality.

Then take a look at this dome the peak of the world from our review is simple.

Installation setup and maintenance 4x zoom open ONVIF network interface support micro sd card up to one hundred twenty.

Eight gigabytes and many others this utility offers manufacturer there is a notification on the smartphone when the penetration of the camera object lightning sums perfectly smoothly moves quickly fades out of focus quality is felt even in materials.

Assembly therefore products from Haik mission popular among professionals, it is often.

Use for covert surveillance this the device is really better and it.

Will work for many years with care circulation price is higher than Wi Fi.

Modifications with aliexpress but ptz cameras ensures a clear stable.

The video signal which is not say about wireless models working on.

Air number two. stark c7000 815 wrp rugged case.

IP camera in stark c7000 815 specially designed for outdoor.

Observations she is not afraid of the scorching sun the bitter cold is not pouring rain metal case is strong enough.

To protect the device from vandalism and its sealed design will not allow.

Dust and moisture ingress standard ip66 protection protective visor and easily adjustable therefore, the quality of the video will not suffer from.

Drops on the lens and sun glare the device is mounted on a wall or ceiling.

With the help of bracket which can be change the angle of inclination and turn in full.

Dark shooting is carried out on distance up to 15 meters since.

The device is equipped with thirty infrared LEDs to the advantages of users include automatic switching sensor mode's day-night and presence of the module Wi-Fi however, there is also a disadvantage may occur difficulties when installing micro sd card.

Number one hang it x d 54 f30 x reliable swivel camera with the best.

Zoom is a good PTZ IP camera which can be purchased on aliexpress without.

Space charge the model was included in the review due to qualitative summation of the picture and supports remote management in.

Description of the 30x zoom but in fact it ten times but it.

Also a decent number of car numbers read at a distance of about 100 meters.

The site has several options for the model with a resolution of 245 megapixel angle.

View in the area of 60 degrees of rotation 360 the device can see 50 degrees in the dark.

Meters can be used it for covert surveillance PTZ camera can be installed on the street have it automatic tracking function when.

Motion detection it will lead the object of the functionality of the device able to replace two fixed models have another feature of the device digital noise reduction image smoothing in case of bad lighting or rainy weather allows you to get high-quality video frost and heat the device is not afraid of running smoothly and at -40 and at plus 50 degrees.

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The channel is ava it was a review of the best outdoor camera video surveillance from aliexpress thanks to all who watched the video before.

The end of all until meeting

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