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Videos for Toddlers with Blippi | Learn Colors and Numbers for Children

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Blippi takes you on a journey to learn colors and learn numbers at the play place. In the Blippi compilation Blippi will also teach you about Blippi Buses for children, LAPD Helicopters, Blippi Go Karts, and your toddler will even learn colors and numbers! Blippi makes educational videos for toddlers, to watch more Blippi videos subscribe at https://youtube.com/Blippi?sub_confirm...

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Hey it's me blippi whoa in it's nighttime and we're in a parking lot there's so many stores Wow look at this. Store it's the kinder land indoor playground in Las Vegas Nevada come on.

This place is so colorful before we play we need to take off our shoes.

All right once you now we're ready to.


Whoa look at this hello wow I'm in a.

Little house whoo it's a yellow ball.

Watch this.

And a blue ball.

A green ball.

A red ball.

And in orange ball.

Look over here yeah it's a bullet I'm.

Gonna jump inside what is this it's a.

Dinosaur and this is a pterodactyl listen else we can find.

This is another dinosaur and this is a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

I like Tyrannosaurus rexes bye-bye.

This is a Stegosaurus let's act like a Stegosaurus together okay ready.

Well how so many colorful Bulls let's keep playing.

Oh look this is a police car Vincent.

It's a garbage truck.

I love garbage day and garbage trucks.

This is a giant cement mixer look you.

Spin this right here whoa look a fire.

Truck gotta put out the fire a dump.

Truck yeah a vacuum.

All right nice and clean oh look at this giant orange spiked ball.

Look at this it's a blue ball this is a.

Small orange and blue spiked ball whoa.

Whoo look a slide all right here we go.

That slide was so much fun so colorful.

I'm gonna climb to the top.

Now it's time to get down oh are you.

Hungry yeah I am really hungry I went shopping earlier look at all of these fruits and vegetables YUM let's see what we're gonna cook together okay gotta put out the dishes first the.

Plate and the pole ooh look at this I.

Cooked you some spinning yum let's.

Season it.

Mmm YUM there you go oh you know what else I have do you like pizza yeah okay look at this.

YUM that looks so tasty all right let's.

Take the spatula cut the pizza out mmm.

Look at that piece of pizza for you all right perfect there you go my so hot just came out of the oven whoo to make it even hotter we should put some hot sauce on it but before we put some hot. Sauce let's try it out.

This has wheels on the bottom I'm gonna let a roll.

Awesome oh here's another one I wonder what would happen if I wrote it all right here we go.

Oh here's another one all right here we go get ready yeah look.

At this structure come on.

Whoa look at these steps they're so colorful this is the color black this is a new color whoa this is maroon this color is the color. Pink blue green purple red and gray look.

At this wow it's a slide okay here I go.

Watch this all right it's really hard it.

Bounced off the wall and hit me in the face.

Hello whoa look at this yellow net whoa.

And look at what it is over here Wow.

It's a giant red slide whoa hey and look.

At what's in the way whoa that's a lot.

Of big stuff blocks it's time to go but they're in the way hmm wait a second why don't I slide down and plow them over are you ready.

So much fun playing at kinder lint indoor playground in Las Vegas Nevada well this is the end of this video but if you want to watch more of my videos you know what to do yeah just search for my name let's fell blippi together ready BL I.

PPI blippi good job all right.

Hey parents if your youngster loves my videos be sure to click that big red subscribe button so you can be notified when I have a brand new video all right buh-bye today we're at the Las Vegas.

Mini Grand Prix oh and look at these these are go-karts this is a green. Go-kart this is a red go-kart.

And this is a blue go-cart I am so.


Look at these two coal carts there are my two favorite colors this go-kart is the color orange in this go-kart is the. Color.

Now it's time for me to teach you the parts of a go-kart oh hey and look at this yeah it's a go-kart so the first thing on go-karts are all of them have four wheels and tires see right here this is a wheel and tire and it's really small so cute so this is the first wheel.

And tire this is the second wheel and.

Tire this right here is the third wheel and tire move and this is the last wheel and. Tire it's the fourth wheel and tire whoa whoa and look at this yeah this that's.

The bumper guard it's there to keep you safe so then you don't run and drive into things like this all right look at.

This back here this yeah this is the spoiler they put spoilers on go-karts and super fast cars because it creates some downforce and it adds about three million horsepower to the vehicles wow that's fast ooh look down here this is the engine of.

The go-kart it has an air filter spark plug muffler oil and so many other things well how the engine gets all of its power is it needs some fuel just like how you and I need food the go-kart needs food too and right here yeah right.

Here is the gas tank whoa I think you.

And I should fill it up and put in some gas in the go-kart let's put our safety glove on here we go.

All right put the spelt right here turn it up all right.

I think it's nice and full now let's put the cap back on oh yeah nice and tight and we turn on the on switch right there then pull the string.

Three two one little harder this time.

Even a little harder this time yeah.

Riding go-karts is so much fun the cool thing about go-karts are there so many different kinds like the ones we just rode then also these ones come look.

Look at this this go-kart is so small.

That's funny Moo there's one up here for you and I to ride whoa yeah this green cart looks like a dandy alright we need this turn it on so you remember put on your glove and. Then give it a pull.

Anyone that's 38 trust me I'm above 38.

Inches. Safety first gotta put on your seatbelt look nice and tight all right now the gas pedal here we go.

I just crashed.

But since go-karts only go forward you have to school.

Our hookup yeah Wow check this out.

Hook it under there give a little yeah.

Now we can go to drive again.

Oh that was really fun ready don't look.

But I think now is the perfect time to ride the big cart whoa ooh look at what.

It is this is a big kids go-kart yeah so.

Power it's so powerful it was even imported from the country of Gramps and check that out down there yeah this. Go-kart has LED headlights and go to the back and it even has taillights do you see them and when you push on the brake yeah. It even has working brake lights oh this. Go-kart is so powerful you need to be sixteen years old and have a valid driver's license lucky for me I'm wolf.

So that means we can start it up let's flip on the switch give it a pole a.

Little nervous but it's gonna be so much. Alright are you ready here I go.

Learning about go-karts with you well this is the end of this video but if you want to watch more of my videos all you have to do is search for my name yeah whoopee let's spell it together ready BL i PP I flippy alright you again buh-bye.

Hey grownups I think it would be a great idea if you liked my Facebook page live show information behind-the-scenes special discounts even free giveaways see you there look at where we are today.

We're at kids time indoor playground in Las Vegas Nevada this is gonna be fun whoa that's just acting like a bear.

Oh look a pair I wonder what's up here but first whoa look at these walls they're the color paint and this step is the color light. Green light blue purple yellow white.

Blue red and green.

There's a bunch of balloons and I have the Magic Remote let's push this button on the count of three one two.

Look at all the colorful balloon whoa this balloon is the color yellow this.

Balloon is the color red.

This balloon is the color pink.

This balloon is the color green.

Oh look at these two this is blue and.

This is orange my two favorite colors okay let's go.

Those balloons were so colorful oh come.

On stay right here.

I'm so excited I'm gonna go jump inside.

All right I'm gonna get out now it's really bouncy.

All right let's see what else there it is here we go.

These are monkey bars because then you can hang on them and act like a monkey.

Come back out.

I'll come back down cool because they're slides behind me yeah let's go slide down the slide oh look at this nice.

Let's climb up the ladder that was fun.

Hey let's go up the ramp then we can get to the top and slide down the slide.

Okay let's go down the slide now.

Are you ready here I go one two three.

Whoa that was so bad.

Here's some more slides this is a rock.

Wall see these rocks yeah you can grab them then put your feet on them and then you can climb to the top all right here we go.

Hello look at how high I am up here okay.

Now we should go down the green slaughter and ready one two three.

There's even more slides.

Hey yeah look at this slide huh let's not do this slide whoa let's go to that one oh look at that slide it's fully.

Enclosed and it's a spiral let's go down.

Whoo let's play some basketball now this.

Is a basketball and you take a basketball and you put it in the hoop but wait a second we need a basketball.

Yeah right here we have one basketball.

We have two basketballs now we have.

Three basketballs.

Let's put the balls down right here let's take the first basketball in put.

It in hoop ready that was under the leg.

All right now let's take the second. Basketball and put it in the hoop ready.

That was awesome all right now let's.

Take the third basketball let's put it in the hoop here we go that we played a.

Bunch of basketball I'm getting kind of hungry let's come in here and make some food.

Like a lemon YUM oh hey some.

Strawberries and grapes and then there let's make some more food.

Wash our hands here's some yummy fruit.

Take the skillet oh I have a fun game.

For us to play come here this is what's.

Called a connect 4 and it's giant I'm gonna be yellow and you are gonna be red and the object of the game is to connect four in a row all right ready I'll go first oh okay your turn there.

You go there's red put it anywhere you want whoo all right I'll go right here okay.

You're red here you go oh okay I'm.

Yellow okay you're red here you go.

Whoa good job okay it's getting close.

Okay here you go. You won good job you connected form look.

That was so much fun playing that kids time indoor playground in Las Vegas Nevada with you well see you again.

So much to learn about it'll make me wanna shout with me.

It'll make you wanna shop with me.

Bye-bye oh hey I was just saying bye-bye to this pumpkin because I'm gonna smash it with this roller buh-bye pumpkin.

Oh I haven't smashed a pumpkin since.

1979 now this is the perfect time for.

The Halloween song.

Every 31st of October there's a day where the people all come out onto the streets and like to play all dressed up in costumes in all shapes in every size it can be a little spooky but no need to close your eyes. I just love Halloween there are so many.

Things that you can be for Halloween like a fireman or Superman or even a Dunleavy you can wear a mask a wig or maybe paint your face you could even dress up like you are an astronaut in space hey you know me yeah.

Blimpy but I'm actually dressed as a construction worker do you like my outfit I love Halloween because you can dress up as whatever you want oh look my. Friend Shay Wow he's dressing up as so many things he's going through the same problems I was deciding what to wear for Halloween do you know what outfits those are yeah they're all superheroes Wow what are you gonna be for Halloween. I just love Halloween you controlled or.

To Doris and grownups and your friends a trip to treat I like some sweets pretty pretty please fulfill your babe with candy until it's nice and full but don't eat it all at once or else you'll be miserable.

Trade Trick or Treat trick or treat Trick Trick Trick drinker Jake Jake Jake Jake Jake Trick Trick or Treat trick or treat Trick Trick Trick or Treat trick or treat.

That was so much fun watching and listening to my Halloween song with you I love Halloween because it's that one time of year that everyone dresses up as something fun and you get candy I like. Candy a lot but make sure you don't eat tons of candy at once because like the song said or else you'll be miserable so. Much fun hey if you haven't decided what you want to be for Halloween yet it could be me go to blippi calm for my t-shirt and glasses or if you like to dress up throughout the whole year you can do that too I like playing dress-up hey parents if your child loves my videos you could head on over to blippi calm because this video along with many others are available for digital download that means you can put on tablets phones and watch it on the go forever with no cellular data or Wi-Fi needed all right thanks bye.

It'll make you wanna shop with me.


How are you today oh look at where we are today we're at.

Fidgets indoor play place in Las Vegas Nevada whoo all right let's skip around. And see what's here it's a train whoa.

All right I'm gonna continue to skip.

Look at this wow this is a train station.

See there's so many trains here like this red train - - - - oh hello pink train see it's a.

Big train Wow it's a black whoa I love.

Trains alright let's see what else there.

Is around here.

So many colorful balls whoa what's this.

In here this is a green lawn mower I.

Think we should mow the lawn.

See what else there is in here.

Wow it's a red motorcycle.

I bet there's something else in here for us.

Watch out oh I almost got you.

Whoa oh look it's an excavator yeah like.

The blippi excavator song I'm an excavator excavate hey dirty see you later.

Alright now let's crawl to this side of the room.

Whoa look at this this looks like the.

Base of a boat and this is water.

That is one cool boat but okay let's continue to crawl.

Look at this school bus okay take the.

Fire truck and let's let her rip let's.

Do it again but this time with the school bus ready here we go.

Yeah good job whoa look at that back there.

Wow this looks like a princess and the.

King's castle okay I'm gonna go inside.

I'm a unicorn and look what else I found.

In here.

Whoa it's a stroller with a baby in it.

This is a baby hi baby okay sleep tight.

Baby okay now let's go run around some.


They're so colorful this step is the color blue this step is the color orange.

This step is the color red and this step.

Is the color green.

Wow look at this red punching bag here's.

Another one over here this punching bag.

Orange hey there's a tunnel go over.


Whoa look at this tunnel whoa I see you. Over there okay I'll come over there here we go I'm crawling through the tunnel this is a.

Yellow slide move and it's a shape of a circle damn it slide down it and then when I'm down there you can come down after me ready right.

Wow good job going down the slide okay.

That was so much fun sliding down the slide now I think we should roll.

Whoa I love rolling oh hey what's this.


Hey how are you now and inside this house ready ready oh hey frog Oh what.

Else is here but my frog.

Okay let's go over here.

War look at this contraction whoa whoa.

Balantine that was awesome.

Now let's roll some more.

Whoa this yellow car here it comes.

Here's another one this one is the color purple get ready here we go.

This is a carriage with a horse on it in.

A red car with a yellow top Oh watch out.

Black police car here we go.

One more a red fire truck here we go my.

Fire truck let's go over here.

Look at all of these colorful blocks there's so many colors okay I think we. Should lay them down to see what's behind them yeah you see this this right.

Here this is a blackboard and you can.

Write a home it so let's go over what we did today first thing is we skipped yes hey I then.

We crawled are a WL then we ran our you.

Do we slip down the slide then we just.

Rolled or o L help roll well this is so.

Much fun doing these active things with you at this play place well this is the end of this video but if you would watch more of my videos all you have to do is ask for my name yeah my name is Whitney let's spell it together ready.

Elle hey grownups I think it would be a.

Great idea if you liked my Facebook page live show information behind-the-scenes special discounts even free giveaways see you there.

Did you see that I just wrote up in a police car oh look. At what's behind me it's a police helicopter are you ready to learn about police helicopters today let's go.

Look at the helicopter it's so neat would you like to learn the parts of the helicopter with me come on come down.

Here this this is a camera and infrared system this is where from the helicopter they can search and find suspects oh and then up here this is where the pilot and the copilot the TFO sit and the landing skids landing skids are kind of like our feet you can land on the ground anywhere you want look down here this this is the.

PA system this is how you communicate with the ground really loud speakers listen and right here this is a cargo.

Compartment look I'll open it up.

That's where you store all the tie-downs and the cover for the helicopter and one of my favorite parts this is called the night-sun it's basically a spotlight so then you can point it at night and see what you're looking at whoa this is an antenna this down here.

Is an antenna and whew this is an. Antenna this is the name the number and.

Letters of the helicopter will you read it with me n 6 6 8 P D will you do that again and 6.

6 8 P D great job cool whoo this is the.

Horizontal stabilizer Finn and look there's a light right there that light.

On the left side is red and on the right side of the helicopter is the color green let's go to the other side.

And right here this is the tail rotor the tail rotor is what controls the helicopters spin from going left and right so this is the rear tail rotor I.

Didn't tell you about the main rotor one.

See up there that's where the helicopter produces all of its lift from.

Helicopters are so cool.

Hey this is the fuel truck in the back.

Here there's a lot of fuel okay she's gonna get out and hook the hose to the helicopter watch oh she's putting on.

Gloves so she put on gloves so none of.

The chemicals in the fuel touch her bare hands oh hey there's the fuel cap oh.

It's getting nice and full.

Now that the helicopters full of fuel we can take it for a spin we're about to ride inside the helicopter we all wore seat belts and headsets and they even wore helmets I'm ready.

But what they're doing here is turning on the engine of the helicopter see see the main rotor spin whoa it's spinning so fast.

There we go we have.


The sky.

We even flew past the Griffith Observatory and you can't forget about.

The Dodgers Stadium.

You want to go see the meet the TFO.

Asked me if I wanted to go to the beach so without Adele I said it was a great.

Time flying in the LAPD helicopter there was no crime and everyone was safe Wow.

Look now we're inside the helicopter I'll tell you about what's inside the helicopter but first let me shut the door okay now that we're all locked in. We need to buckle up hey one belt around.

My waist in two one two over my.

Shoulders oh look it's like a joystick this is the cyclic this is what you used to operate the helicopter in the instrument panel Wow like the altitude the airspeed the RPMs oh the aviation. Radios the police radios Wow oh hey let.

Me unbuckle to show you this look at this this screen that's where you see the camera the FLIR and this is how you operate it look at this controller it's so neat it's like a video game.

Whoa and last but not least binoculars these.

Are used for suspects from far away so you can see them wow I can see so far. Whoa hey bunny there's a superhero that.

Can fly.

Face helicopter helicopters police Lee's silicon.

Motors goes it's fine.

What it's us chasing criminals from the air.

Every day.


My shining.

Watch it.

Whoa police helicopters are used to give.

The officers on the ground another set of eyes also known as backup as well as help capture the suspects and so then all the citizens are nice and safe.

Thanks to the LAPD air support team for making this video happen also a very sincere thank you to every officer on the ground in in the air for keeping the citizens of our world safe

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