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Лучшие музыкальные центры 2019 года. Подборка акустических систем. Портативная акустика.

Подборка лучших музыкальных центров с Hi-Fi, караоке, и бюджетные модели 2019 года. Портативная акустика

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Sony MHC-V50D - http://slmrt.ru/aOHc...

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LG OK65 - http://slmrt.ru/aKHc...

PANASONIC SC-UA3GS-K - http://slmrt.ru/aLHc...

Denon D-M41 - http://slmrt.ru/aMHc...

PIONEER X-CM42BT-W - http://slmrt.ru/aNHc...

LG OK99 - http://slmrt.ru/aQHc...

SONY MHC-V81D - http://slmrt.ru/aRHc...

SONY SHAKE-X30D - http://slmrt.ru/aSHc...

Рейтинги, обзоры, подборки товаров - http://tekhnotop.ru...

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Hello, you're on the channel AVA! Today in our review, Best music centers for the year 2019. Today on the market, presented wide range of music centers'. Not to be mistaken, and buy really good, and quality model, you need to understand the criteria choice, and know the technique what manufacturers are different reliability, functionality, and high marks, from consumers and experts. All this information can be find in the best ratings music centers 2019 years to be given in this video. Here we go. Hyundai H-MC140..

This device is the most looks like a rolling suitcase..

In principle, it is so. Only in this case a very good e - filling. This music center has total power output 500 watts. But the lion's share of its account for for the WOOFER. Center is devoid of drive for CD reading, but it has a USB port, a device for memory card reader, Bluetooth.

Adapter, and the karaoke option. Itself as two-way. It is quite different good quality playback. The control panel is located near the handle of the suitcase. PLUSES: High power RMS (500 Watt) Unusual shape and interesting design Support MP3 Karaoke option There is a USB port There is a Bluetooth adapter Two-way speakers Good sound quality Good price MINUSES: There is no CD drive LG OK65. Another music center, made on the principle all-in-one. Speakers, electronic filling and everything else is in one housing, made in the shape of a tower. The total power of the speaker is 500 Watts. Not so little. The center has a CD drive, special low frequency speaker, USB Type port A, Bluetooth adapter, built-in.

Equalizer(c20presets), FM tuner, the ability 2 microphone connections and support for MP3 formats and WMA. PLUSES: Unusual case in the form turrets Good sound quality Speaker system 2.1 There is a CD drive High overall power Connection capability 2 microphones There is a USB port There is a Bluetooth adapter There is a built-in equalizer Quite reasonable price MINUSES: The shape of the center is questionable from the point of view of "correct».

Stereo PANASONIC SC-UA3GS-K. This center is the most reminds cassette recorders.

Originally from the 90's. But the device looks interesting. This does not take away. The device has power 300 Watts and is able to " rock» almost any room. It uses the AU format 2.0. There is a CD drive in the Center, FM tuner, karaoke option and.

Connector for connection microphone, USB Type A ports, Bluetooth adapter and optical audio input. In previously considered models he was gone. The sound is quite high quality. PLUSES: Almost classic design High overall power There is an optical input There is a karaoke option There is a USB port and Bluetooth adapter There is FM tuner There is a CD Good price MINUSES: Not seen Denon D-M41 black..

Music center, which looks perfect from the point.

Of view" the right " stereo. As written in a separate housings that allows install them anywhere. 0:04:53.219,0:04:57.169 The total capacity of the set small – only 60 Watts..

But this is enough for the usual rooms. The sound quality is very high. The center is equipped with a drive CD, tone control option High and low frequency, FM drive, optical input, subwoofer output,.

Built-in Bluetooth adapter and MP3 support. A good set of options. PLUSES: Separate location ACE Enough power High sound quality There is a Bluetooth adapter There is a CD There is a separate exit to subwoofer There is support for MP3 There is an optical input It is the normal price Classic and strict design MINUSES: No connector for connection microphone's There is no USB port PIONEER X-CM42BT-W..

Another music center with separate placement dynamics'. Its power is only 30 Watts, but the quality playback on the high level. With him can compete only expensive AU and a good amplifier. It's Pioneer. There is a CD drive, equalizer with 4 presets, adjustment option Bass and treble, FM tuner, USB port Type a, Bluetooth adapter, support.

WMA and MP3 formats. This music center will be a real decoration any living room thanks simple and classic design. PLUSES: Separate location ACE High sound quality There is a CD drive There is a USB port There is a Bluetooth adapter There is support for WMA and MP3 You can adjust the LF and HF There is FM tuner MINUSES: You cannot connect a microphone The price is high Sony MHC-V50D Music center from Sony,.

"Packed" in the tower housing. It has an acoustic system 2.1 and has backlight subwoofer. The sound quality of this systems are good. Although true stereo difficult to achieve (almost impossible.) There is a CD drive in the center, decoder Dolby Digital, FM tuner,.

USB and HDMI ports, composite inputs, Bluetooth adapter, capability.

Format playback MP3 and VCD, it is possible to connect 2 microphones. Implemented even support NFC. PLUSES: Relatively high power (300 W) There is a CD drive There is FM tuner There are USB and HDMI ports Built-in Bluetooth adapter NFC support Dolby digital decoder Support MP3 and VCD AC 2.1 MINUSES: The price is high YAMAHA TSX-B235 PURE BLACK And here is this model from YAMAHA.

Already more interesting. The design is reminiscent of the old Soviet gramophone. That's why the device looks good in any interface. Total acoustic power the system is 30 Watts, which is enough for any rooms. The center is equipped with a CD drive, FM tuner, USB Type a port,.

Bluetooth adapter, support WMA, MP3, timer, and full NFC support. And here is a microphone to this the system cannot be connected. But the sound quality on height. PLUSES: Almost classic design Excellent sound quality Sufficient AC power Built-in Bluetooth adapter There is a USB port There is support for NFC The device reads MP3 and WMA There is FM tuner MINUSES: You cannot connect a microphone Relatively high price 0:09:00.270,0:09:10.200 LG OK99 This model looks like.

On OK65 from LG, but different technical characteristic.

And the presence of illumination on housing. The total capacity of the system is 1800 Watts. That's a lot. Enough for a concert hall. This music center equipped with CD player, FM tuner, equalizer with 21 presets, connectors to connect 2 microphones and an extra subwoofer, USB Type a port, Bluetooth adapter and support for WMA formats.

And MP3. PLUSES: Very high power A port for connecting a separate subwoofer's FM-tuner USB port Bluetooth adapter Ability to connect 2 microphones There is a CD drive There is a backlight There is support for MP3 and WMA MINUSES: Insufficient quality sound's High price SONY MHC-V81D Real "monster" in the form of.

Turrets. Has a total capacity of 1800 Watt and speaker system.

Format 2.1.And still there is a lot of illumination, which will turn the usual room into a dance floor. Decision for those who are missing discos'. Center equipped with CD drive (which can read and DVD), built-in equalizer, FM tuner, Dolby Audio decoder, port HDMI, USB, Bluetooth adapter and full NFC support. It is possible to connect two microphones. PLUSES: Incredible power Good sound quality There are HDMI and USB.

There is a Bluetooth adapter There is a backlight CD drive with playback option DVD Dolby Audio Decoder 2 microphones can be connected MINUSES: Very high price SONY SHAKE-X30D And again Sony..

This time more serious the system of separate kolinsky. The total power of the speaker is 300 Watts. Even for very large room this well enough. Appearance in music the center is excellent. Go see the modern device. The center is equipped with a CD player, able to reproduce DVD, Dolby Digital, FM decoder tuner, equalizer,.

Composite entrance, ports HDMI and USB, Bluetooth adapter and support NFC. High sound quality level. PLUSES: Stylish and modern design Decent power Good sound quality Dolby digital decoder Bluetooth adapter USB and HDMI ports FM-tuner CD drive with DVD support NFC support MINUSES: Very high price.

Conclusion So, above were considered the most interesting models music centers that, as it turned out, not sunk in the Summer, and still produced and bought. Now users will decide which model suitable specifically to him. If You do not agree with this rating, leave your a rating in the comments with your argument.

Choice's. Your feedback will be helpful other user..

We hope you enjoyed it, and you will appreciate this video, clicking on the "like" button. sign the AVA channel. It was a review, the Best music centers for 2019..

Thanks to all who watched video until the end, All until.


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