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Multicooker REDMOND RMC-M4502

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The ribbon multicooker for 502 is an easy and versatile way to make almost any dish the process is fully automated.

And has 3d heat which evenly cooks your food and shortens the time it takes for your mail to be ready and on the table.

It is controlled by a built-in microprocessor which is essential for your food to cook properly and keep from burning this multi cooker does it all.

Replace a number of kitchen appliances with this one device it has 16 automatic programs giving you the freedom to choose almost any dish and it has 18 manual programs offering you a world of endless possibilities with this multi.

Cooker you can use your favorite recipes or experiment on your own.

For healthy diet use the steam program and steam vegetables fish or meat stew meat fish and vegetables and prepare other dishes that require a long time to cook use your multi cooker to fry various meat fish and poultry as well as vegetables mushrooms and potatoes cook pasta eggs and other semi finished products with the pasta program make a variety of soup fruit drinks and other beverages bake cake cookies pudding as well as cottage cheese manually set the time and temperature so you can make any number of dishes from recipes and from your imagination with this multicooker you also have the option to cook quick cook for rice and grains and make oatmeal and yogurt not only are your meal possibilities practically endless but this appliance also has time delay and keep warm functions which allow you to cook your meals when you want and keep them warm until you're ready to eat a beep will sound at the end of the program indicating that your food is ready and making it unnecessary for you to remain in the kitchen to monitor the process temperature and pressure control as well as the thermally insulated appliance protects you from accidentally switching on the multicooker without the bowl ensuring that the appliance is extremely safe to operate reven multicooker bowls are made of high-quality alloy which not only prevents your food from overcooking but also is completely harmless and doesn't have any adverse effects on your health cleaning the appliance is a breeze and is dishwasher safe.

Let the Redman multicooker for 502 make your life easier

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